SENIO -rivitanssi R (SENIO line dance)

SENIO -rivitanssi R(SENIO line dance) is a form of exercise, which improves seniors´ sense of balance and seniors´ memory. It also  improves the ability to move.  The movements have been chosen in such a way that they fit well to seniors´ physical condition. SENIO -rivitanssi is a new form of exercise based on line dance and developed to need the seniors´s special needs.Aurinkorytmi dance school trains instructors, who can lead the courses of SENIO -rivitanssi. In this way all the SENIO -rivitanssi instructors train SENIO -rivitanssi in the same way using the same dances, which are suitable for seniors.

What can a senior achieve by learning line dance?

  • better control of the sense of balance
  • better concentration
  • better coordination and body control
  • muscular strength
  • better memory
  • better general condition
  • spirited mood

Further, line dance is a good form of exercise for those, who are starting with physical exercise. It is also suitable as a rehabilitation form for instance after a long disease. Line dance as a hobby may also slow down the progress of some diseases (for instance Parkinson disease). There are also special events for SENIO -rivitanssi dancers, where you can meet other people and get to know them. You don´t need a pair in dancing, so this is a fine form of exercise also for single seniors!